How to do to defeat Elon Musk?

It's really easy!

Have fun and help us in this fight at the same time.
Follow 3 simple easy steps

First choose the difficulty
and your character.

WIN the 7 levels
killing your rivals.

Defeat Elon Musk
in the last round.

About US


This game was created as a repudiation against the actions of people with massive influence on social networks that affect the price of economic assets, especially cryptocurrencies. Millions of retail investors count on these potential earnings to improve their living conditions. Playing with your price just to get attention destroys lives.

Elon Musk is famous for irresponsibly manipulating the cryptocurrency market with his Twitter account, but come on, those of us who specialize in Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Cryptocurrencies, know that he does not manipulate them, he simply anticipates facts that based on mathematical and statistical probabilities can happen.

And what I am saying has its sources in video, which remain on the internet (since May 9, 2021). We are talking about a Technical Analysis, in live, before dozens of people in which we participate only as assistants. The present analysis consists of when the bitcoin was 58,400 U$S, and explains, exposing technical arguments, such as in the short-term future, it would reach a low, which would place it at 42,000 U$D.

Technical Analysis by Formación en Inversión && OKeX
(Your trusted academy and exchange and that of the majority)

It's ridiculous! it anticipates mathematical, statistical and probable changes in the market, (and only with the objective of empowering them to gain "fame" and take "credit" for having been self-produced by it). He is a genius strategist and a disgusting manipulator, another rich narcissist who is desperate for attention.

The problem is that this, which it does for fun, the only thing that it generates is to diminish the existing confidence in the field of cryptocurrencies, which took many years to consolidate, and come on, we are not talking about anything, but the most financial invention. important of the 21st century.

Beyond the dislike towards this type of person, towards whom we cannot do much… We developed this game, in which, in a “funny” way we fight against him.